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Hi there and welcome! I'm Heather, author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy. I write stories with "witches, wereolves, & WTF?!" I also have a podcast that's a little bit deep, a little bit sweary, and all about women called The Raw Honeys!


I was born and raised in a small town in northern Virginia where I was homeschooled through high school. <– I fully blame this for my social awkwardness but it was worth it since I got to sleep in every day.

I had lots of pets growing up. My least favorite was the rooster since it constantly tried to kill me, but I loved my llama, Dolly.

I grew up reading Sweet Valley High and Babysitters Club. But I really fell in love with reading (and writing) when I read The Hobbit.

I write Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance about kick-ass heroines dealing with the angst and thrill of finding true love. I’m a huge fan of angst.

I live in coastal Virginia with my husband and two kids, and after a lot of moving and travel these last few years, staying in one place actually sounds like a sweet deal. As long as weekend motorcycle trips are still a thing.

My hobbies are riding motorcycles and avoiding killer slugs.

Have a question about an upcoming release? Feel free to email me at heatherhildenbr @ gmail dot com or find me on social media and let’s chat!

Heather is represented by Suzie Townsend at New Leaf Literary. 

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