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Mated by Midnight

Book 1 Midnight Cursed black and gold
Book 2 Midnight Cursed
Book 3 Midnight Cursed

Midnight Falls: where true crime meets true love...

Barbarian. Beast. Murderer?

On the surface, my life looks picture perfect. Journalist for the New York Times. Engaged to one of the city’s most eligible bachelors. Loving family. Great friends.

But, as it turns out, looks can be deceiving.

When my entire future is ripped away, I choose the one spot on the map that might just be my ticket back into the good life—this time, with a byline on the front page. And one less jerk by my side.

The tiny town of Midnight Falls is quaint, picturesque—and boasts a trail of murders just begging to be solved by yours truly.

Everything is going to plan until tall, dark, mysterious, and sexy comes stomping into my life–literally. Sutton Hale is the beginning of the end for me.

Bewitched by his charm, I don’t realize I’m in too deep until it’s too late to escape.


Midnight Bewitched is the first book in a slow-burn paranormal romance where nothing is as it seems. Journey with us to Midnight Falls but be warned: this town has secrets its inhabitants are determined to keep hidden.

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