Some of my series' are connected by crossover characters or take place in the same world. If you like reading things in order, scroll down for a complete list. If you've already started somewhere, that's okay too! Each series can be read separate from the others.

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The Dirty Blood world continues with crossover characters in the Witches of Half Moon Bay.

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The Lone Wolf Series is set in a brand new world with more books/series being added soon.

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The Dirty Blood world

Dirty Blood
Cold Blood
Blood Bond
Blood Rule
One Hour
Broken Blood

A Witch's Call
A Witch's Destiny
A Witch's Fate
A Witch's Soul 
A Witch's Prophecy
A Witch's Hope
Twisted Tides


The Lone Wolf world

Wolf Cursed
Wolf Captive
Wolf Chosen
Wolf Revealed

To Hunt A Wolf
To Kiss A Wolf
To Keep A Wolf