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Some of my series' are connected by crossover characters or take place in the same world. If you like reading things in order, scroll down for a complete list. If you've already started somewhere, that's okay too! Each series can be read separate from the others.

dirtyblood series complete

The Dirty Blood world continues with the Witches of Half Moon Bay.

A witch's call series graphic

The Lone Wolf Series kicks off a brand new world with enemies to lovers, fated mates, and a cast of characters you won't be able to let go of!

full series banner wolf cursed

After enjoying the Lone Wolf Pack series, continue on to the Black Moon Pack series with second chance mates, enemies to lovers, and a rebellion to win!

Black moon pack series

After enjoying the Black Moon Pack series, continue on to the Mafia Pack series with a long lost heir, feuding families, and a forbidden romance between age-old rivals!

Mafia Pack

The Dirty Blood world

Dirty Blood
Cold Blood
Blood Bond
Blood Rule
One Hour
Broken Blood

A Witch's Call
A Witch's Destiny
A Witch's Fate
A Witch's Soul 
A Witch's Prophecy
A Witch's Hope
Twisted Tides


The Lone Wolf world

Wolf Cursed
Wolf Captive
Wolf Chosen
Wolf Revealed

To Hunt A Wolf
To Kiss A Wolf
To Keep A Wolf

Dark Wolf Soul
Deadly Wolf Bite (available for preorder)

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