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Stay for Summer


Love is too risky when you’re destined for heartbreak.

After watching my parents’ messy divorce, I’ve sworn off any emotion tied to those four little letters, and haven’t looked back since.

That is until I meet Ford.

The irresistible farmhand is a wandering soul not looking for any attachments.

Which makes him perfect for a little fun before he leaves at the end of the summer.

The farmer’s daughter and the farmhand? They’ve written songs about this sort of thing, but our story won’t have a happily ever after.

A few months of fun before we part ways.

That’s what’s on the table.

The only promise I make is to myself: no matter what, I won’t ask him to stay.

Get your hands on this sweet, steamy, "it's only a summer fling" standalone about the farmer's daughter and the plant-whispering farmhand who seduces her. Perfect for a vacation/beach binge!

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About the author

Violet Stafford is the author of small town, steamy contemporary romance. As her other persona, she writes bestselling paranormal romance as Heather Hildenbrand. Both versions of her love a cold beer on a hot day, hanging with her goldendoodle, Luna, and motorcycle rides on back roads.

She grew up in the woods and loves stories about creeks and farms and mud and true love. And she’s utterly terrified of slugs.

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