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breakup bet

Stay for Summer

stay for the summer

The hot new farmhand that just sat down at my dinner table is the definition of why I swore off relationships.

He’s smart, charming, and just as handsome as he is sure of himself.

He is exactly the type I want nothing to do with—not as a fling and certainly not as something more.

Not that it matters what I want since he’s leaving in a few months, anyway.

Hooking up would be a recipe for heartbreak.

So, why do I find myself staring into those hypnotic blue eyes and longing for the feel of those sun-kissed hands?

No matter what happens next, I swear to myself I won’t ask him to stay.

Get your hands on this sweet, steamy, "it's only a summer fling" standalone about the farmer's daughter and the plant-whispering farmhand who falls for her.

The Breakup Bet

The Breakkup bet 3d

I can't stand small towns, but fate threw me into one, and Casey, the country hottie down the hall, is driving me crazy.

To make matters worse, I accidentally agreed to be his roommate, which means I can’t escape his sexy smell or the sight of him doing chores shirtless.

Casey's determined to charm me into his bed, and I'm determined to keep my city-girl heart intact.

I’m willing to bet this fling won't last—and somehow convince Casey to take these odds.

But as the sparks fly and the sheets heat, I'm starting to wonder if I'm betting on the wrong thing... because maybe, just maybe, this small town holds the big love I've been missing all along.

Get your copy of this spicy, small town romance today!

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About the author

Violet Stafford is the author of small town, steamy contemporary romance. As her other persona, she writes bestselling paranormal romance as Heather Hildenbrand. Both versions of her love a cold beer on a hot day, hanging with her goldendoodle, and motorcycle rides on back roads.

She grew up in the woods and loves stories about creeks and farms and mud and true love. And she’s utterly terrified of slugs.

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