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Lone Wolf Series

Wolf Cursed ebook
Wolf Captive final
Wolf Chosen final
Wolf Revealed final

Bad Boys Break hearts

But I'll make sure it's not mine.

After my nightmarish past, starting fresh should be a dream come true. But when my father’s death leaves me on the run, I have no choice but to seek shelter with the only family I have left. An uncle I’ve never even met.

My uncle has a bad attitude and pack of friends that remind me far too much of the toxic life I left behind. Cruel, sexy Kai Stone is the worst of them. Occasionally, when the moon is high and full, I swear there’s something even beastlike about him. A monster who thrives off the mayhem and chaos that surrounds him. But no matter how hard I fight it, something about him tugs at my very soul.

The worst part is, I have a secret. And when Kai discovers it, I have to convince him to let me stay. Worse, I’ll have to trust him. And make him trust me.

Because I know he’s keeping something from me as well. And when I learn the truth, it will change everything.

If there’s one thing Kai refuses to allow, it’s outsiders.

Too bad neither one of us knows how to resist a bad idea.

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