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Witches of Half Moon Bay

A Witch's Call Audiobook
A Witch's Soul Audiobook_triangle
A Witch's Destiny Audiobook_triangle
A Witch's Prophecy Audiobook_triangle
A Witch's Fate Audiobook_triangle
A Witch's Hope Audiobook triangle

Supernatural Security Force

Kiss of Death audiobook
knock dead audio
deaths door audiobook
Dead to Rights audiobook

Lone Wolf Series

Wolf Cursed audiobook
Wolf Captive audiobook
Wolf Chosen audiobook

OF Fates & Fables

TGWCW audiobook
supernatural audio

standalone books

guarded audio
badge and bear audio
O Face audio

Box Sets

Witches Box 1-3 audio.
Dirty Blood Compilation Audiobook
SSF Box Set audio

Fated consorts

Goddess Ascending audio
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