Witches of Half Moon Bay Series

Book 1 A Witch's Call.jpg
Book 2 A Witch's Destiny.jpg
Book 3 A Witch's Fate.jpg
Book 4 A Witch's Soul.jpg
Book 5 A Witch's Prophecy.jpg
Book 6 A Witch's Hope.jpg

Five years ago, something inside me broke.

I’ve tried to create a normal life for myself since then, but all I’ve managed to achieve is zero friends and a job selling crystals to soccer moms.


My mundane life explodes into chaos the night I’m attacked by creatures too big and impossible to believe. My rescuer, Alex Channing, is rude, brutish, and the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. The way he moves and talks—there’s something otherworldly about him.  Something other than the poison slowly killing him.


Alex knows things.  Things people like me were never meant to know.  If I want to find out what’s hunting me, I’ll have to trust him—something I haven’t done with anyone in a very long time. Even if Alex isn’t the enemy, my faith in him might just ruin us both.