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Witches of Half Moon Bay Series

Book 1 A Witch's Call
Book 2 A Witch's Destiny
Book 3 A Witch's Fate
Book 4 A Witch's Soul
Book 5 A Witch's Prophecy
Book 6 A Witch's Hope

Trouble has a name and it’s Alex Channing.

From the moment we meet, he’s grumpy, broody, and hotter than any one man should be.
He’s also infuriatingly mysterious.
Together we’re fire and gasoline.
Oil and water.

He’s toxic, but even as I know distance is the smartest thing for us, there are more dangerous monsters stalking me.

My life is not the only thing at stake, though.
If I let Alex guard my body, who will protect my heart?

Grab this steamy paranormal romance bundle about a sexy supernatural soldier, the woman he’s sworn to protect, and what happens when secrets threaten to come between them.

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