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Lone Wolf Series

Wolf Cursed ebook
Wolf Captive final3
Wolf Chosen final2

Bad boys break hearts, but I'll make sure it's not mine.

After my nightmarish past, starting fresh should be a dream come true. But when my father’s death leaves me on the run, I have no choice but to seek shelter with the only family I have left. An uncle I’ve never even met.

My uncle has a bad attitude and pack of friends that remind me far too much of the toxic life I left behind. Cruel, sexy Kai Stone is the worst of them. Occasionally, when the moon is high and full, I swear there’s something even beastlike about him. A monster who thrives off the mayhem and chaos that surrounds him. But no matter how hard I fight it, something about him tugs at my very soul.

The worst part is, I have a secret. And when Kai discovers it, I have to convince him to let me stay. Worse, I’ll have to trust him. And make him trust me.

Because I know he’s keeping something from me as well. And when I learn the truth, it will change everything.

If there’s one thing Kai refuses to allow, it’s outsiders.

Too bad neither one of us knows how to resist a bad idea.

Dirty Blood Series

dirty blood
dirty blood
Dirty blood
dirty blood
dirty blood

I killed a girl last night. I did it with my bare hands and an old piece of pipe I found lying next to the dumpster. But that’s not the part that got me. The part that scared me, the part I can’t seem to wrap my head around and still has me reeling, was that when she charged me, her body shifted–and then she was a wolf. All snapping teeth and extended claws. But by the time I stood over her lifeless body, she was a girl again. That’s about the time I went into shock. And that was the moment he showed up.

Now, all I can do is accept the truths that are staring me in the face. One, Werewolves do exist. And two, I was born to kill them.

Witches of Half Moon Bay

Book 1 A Witch's Call
Book 2 A Witch's Destiny
Book 3 A Witch's Fate
Book 4 A Witch's Soul
Book 5 A Witch's Prophecy
Book 6 A Witch's Hope

I’m what you call normal by day, and woo woo by night. As a college student, I spend my days in class and my evenings selling sage to PTA moms who do moon rituals to manifest better parking spaces. My best friend is a cat who likes pizza, and a “night out” includes hand delivering mysterious packages to the local “coven” of small business owners that repeatedly invite me to their meetings—clothing optional.

My life is weird. But it’s not magic. Magic isn’t real.

At least, that’s what I believed– right up until the moment he walks into my store.

Alex Channing is rude, brutish, and a constant pain in my ass. He’s also the hottest specimen I’ve ever seen. Maybe that’s why words fail me in his presence. Or maybe it’s the pinging feeling in my gut that says he’s more than what he seems.
But when he miraculously saves me from certain death, at the hand of a monster whose very existence shouldn’t even be possible, I’m forced to reconsider what’s real.

My denial is strong but the reality of who—and what—Alex really is can’t be ignored. Neither can the existence of the monsters who hunt me. The truth is, magic is real. And the only thing I’m more in danger of losing than my life—is my heart.

Imitation Series


Everyone is exactly like me. There is no one like me. 

Ven wrestles with these contradicting truths every day. A clone of wealthy eighteen-year-old Raven Rogen, Ven knows everything about the girl she was created to serve: the clothes she wears, the boys she loves, the friends she loves to hate. Yet she’s never met the Authentic Raven face-to-face. Imitations like Ven only get to leave the lab when they’re needed—to replace a dead Authentic, donate an organ, or complete a specific mission. And Raven has never needed Ven . . . until now.

When there is an attack on Raven’s life, Ven is thrust into the real world, posing as Raven to draw out the people who tried to harm her. But as Ven dives deeper into Raven’s world, she begins to question everything she was ever told. She exists for Raven, but is she prepared to sacrifice herself for a girl she’s never met?

Fans of Cinder, The Selection and Sara Shepard’s Lying Game series will love Imitation, a thrilling, action-packed novel sure to keep readers guessing until the very last page. 

Young Adult SciFi/Speculative Fiction

Fangs & Fates Series

Alpha Games book 1
Alpha Trials book 2
Alpha Chosen book 3

Two sisters—estranged and forced to battle for alpha.
The prize: a vampire prince.
Forget kiss and tell. This is kiss and kill. 

There’s been a murder in Paradise ...

As daughter of the late pack alpha, Regan Vuk is certain the title and responsibility is hers now. She is fast, smart, determined and has trained for this future her whole life. There’s just one person standing in her way.

Charlie Vuk yearns to belong. When she finds out the only way to fit in with her new relatives is to defeat her long-lost sister for the role of alpha, she refuses. That is, until she meets Owen. Alluring and mysterious, Owen, is the “prize” in this twisted battle for power. 

Regan has no doubt that, although she loathes vampires, she will be the one who “wins” Owen. But Charlie isn't as soft and innocent as she seems. 

The Starlight Duology

The Girl Who Called The Stars
The Girl Who Ruled The Stars

Be very afraid of the Shadows. 

I know what I’m not. Human. 

I can’t remember my life before Earth, but I’ve grown up hearing the stories of a planet ravaged by war and a people in need of a leader who will bring them out of the darkness. I’m supposed to be their light.

My future terrifies me. 

But I’m done waiting to have a real life. If I ever want a chance to live free of the Shadows, I’ll need to fight for it because freedom is never free. No matter what galaxy you call home.

Gods & Guardians

file 4

Elidi Brant is being hunted and there's only one person who can save her now.


Kol Valco is hot, broody, and possibly dangerous. He’s also the only thing standing between Elidi and the demon-beasts trying to kill her.

Their connection is instant even if Elidi does try to deny it.

Kol claims he’s been divinely called to keep Elidi safe until she ascends. Whatever that means. Elidi just wants to rescue her aunt and maybe stop burning people with her fire magic in the process.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot more to being a light goddess than white gowns and hot werewolf bodyguards. If Elidi wants to live long enough to save her aunt, she’ll have to learn who to trust and how to fight for her immortal life. Falling for her guardian is not on the list of survival strategies—but it’s the only piece of this crazy new life that make sense.

This series is a paranormal fantasy reverse harem. 

Mafia Pack Series

1 Dark Wolf Soul FINAL
2 Deadly Wolf Bite FINAL
cover reveal

They say everyone has a price…Unfortunately, I just found mine.

Living in a pay-per-week motel might as well be luxury for someone like me. But if I don’t come up with this month’s rent money, I’ll be back to living in my car.

My only option for getting the money in time is dancing at the club where I waitress.

Except it’s not just dancing. Not in the VIP room. And that’s the final boundary I refuse to cross.

Until a handsome stranger makes me an offer I can’t refuse.

He’s nothing like the other men who come here, and even though I try to resist it, there’s a pull between us I can’t deny.

There’s an aura of danger around him too—something inhuman. A ferocity that is more beast than man. The dark, predatory way he watches me should terrify me. Instead, it makes me feel like the only girl in the room.

When he’s waiting for me after my shift ends, making claims about wolves and packs and me being the chosen one…every instinct I have tells me to run.

Turns out, that’s precisely what I shouldn’t have done.

Because running gives him exactly what he wants: a chase.

Grab one of these steamy enemies-to-lovers fated mates wolf shifter romances now!


Protect Me

Protect-Me (1)

I ran from my cruel fiancé…and found myself in the arms of three powerful shifters.

When I throw myself at the mercy of the Ringmaster in No Man’s Land, I’m only seeking temporary refuge. A place to hide from the corruption and death that waits for me back home.
Three months. That’s all I have until the protection the circus provides me expires.
My bodyguards? Three shifters who look at me like they want to eat me for dinner.
They want my body.
My heart.
And even as the attraction I feel for them is stronger than anything I’ve ever felt, neither of those are mine to give.
Not anymore.
The past I’m running from still holds me captive. But in the arms of my protectors, I’ve never felt more free.

**Protect Me is a spicy standalone paranormal romance in the Immortal Vices and Virtues universe. You can expect 'touch her and I'll unalive you' vibes and three growly mates who will do anything to keep her. Mature themes will be present. Reader discretion is advised.**

Hunt Me

Hunt Me ebook cover

My fated mate just tried to kill me… I’m happy to return the favor.

His name is Legion. A shadow dragon who has earned a brutal reputation for slaying entire armies single-handedly.
They call him the death dragon.
I soon find out, they’re not wrong.
When his attention shifts to me, I know I should be terrified.
Instead, I’m drawn like a moth to flame, and I’m about to get burned.
With only the briefest contact between us, he ignites a fire inside me—and curses me in the process.
Now, one touch from me is enough to kill a man.
And I have a very specific man in mind.
My mate will pay for what he’s done to me. If wanting him doesn’t kill me first.

**Shadow Me is a spicy standalone romantasy set in the Immortal Vices and Virtues Universe. Every book is a guaranteed happily ever after with a satisfying ending and no cliffhangers. Perfect for fans of Immortals After Dark, Black Dagger Brotherhood, and the Demonica series.**

Blue Bear Rescue Series

Wilde Bear
River Bear

Everyone is hiding something.

Ever since his father died, Xavier Wilde has thrown himself into his work. As the leader of the Blue Bear Search and Rescue Team, his job is simple, save lives. However, things become a lot more complicated when a cute curvy brunette from the Department of Transportation comes to help the team with a new job. 

Laurel doesn't let anyone tell her how to do her job. Especially not some polar bear shifter who thinks he's God's gift to Search and Rescue. In their line of work, mistakes can cost people their lives. So how can they trust each other to keep everyone they care about safe when they're both hiding their own secrets?

Alpha Undercover

Alpha Undercover

A soldier without a war. A corrupt Montana town. And the woman caught between them. 

Wolf shifter, Gage Wilson, agrees to put his ex-military skills to use as an undercover P.I. in a corrupt town in Montana. He’ll do whatever it takes to expose a local crime boss and his gang of thugs. Only problem, he's already falling hard for the boss's daughter. Will Gage break the law—or Angie’s fragile heart?

Second Chance Shifters Duology

Protected By The Bear

Hunt Blackburn has only one rule for his bears with haunted pasts: No Mates Allowed. When a bar fight leaves Hunt’s crew on the hook for damages and possible assault, Hunt knows he has to step up and fix what’s broken. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be as simple as a few screws and nails. Not after Hunt meets the bar owner, Patrice Monroe, a cute, curvy brunette with a past of her own. 

Will Hunt break his own rule for Patrice or will he love her and leave her in order to keep her—and all her secrets—safe? 

The Winter Witch


In the remote village of Willowdale there lives a people haunted by an ancient curse. Once a prosperous and lush land, for thousands of years the kingdom has suffered under perpetual winter. Crops refuse to grow, poverty and hunger spread. People die.

Their only chance of survival depends on trade. But the one road between the lands passes through the treacherous Ice Mountains, where the cursed and banished prince lives. The prince who holds his kingdom in an icy grip.

To keep the trade path open, the prince demands a sacrifice. Once a year, a villager is chosen and must trek to the peak of the Ice Mountains to offer their life in exchange for safe passage between lands.

This year, I'm the sacrifice.

There's one big difference, however. I'm not an ordinary villager being sent to die. I'm a powerful winter witch, the first born to our village in over a thousand years, and I've been sent to kill.

But when the banished prince saves me from imminent death, everything changes. He's not the monster I believed him to be, and his tenderness and keen intelligence grips my heart and makes me question everything I once thought true.

Now I must decide the impossible. Do I kill him to save my kingdom? Or let what is growing between us save us both, thus damning everyone I love in the process?

Supernatural Security Force

Knock em Dead Final
Death's Door Final
Dead to Rights Final
Dead End Final 2

Life's a motherforker.

One second, Gem Hawkins is on her way to being the #1 drag racer in the state and the next she’s burying her father, a badass demon hunter.They call it a fluke. Some prick of a demon—level one supposedly—caught him off guard while out on patrol.


But Gem knows that’s a lie. And since the dirty Nephilim running the investigation won’t help, Gem takes matters into her own hands.

The Supernatural Security Force is the city’s protection against demons—and the only hope Gem has of finding out the truth. If she wants to find out what really happened, she’ll need the resources of “detective” status. But graduating isn’t so easy for a legacy—or for anyone who crosses Rodrigo Garcia. He’s made one thing clear. For Gem, failure is the kiss of death.

Of Fates & Fables Trilogy

The-Girl-Who-Cried-Werewolf (1)
The-Girl-Who-Cried-Captive (2)
The girl who never cried (1)

Book Boyfriends are real. Pass it on.


Professional book blogger Romy Cartelli may have cried werewolf once or twice. Hell, she’s even cried vampire, warlock, and dragon their fair share of times—because, as every dedicated reader knows, one book boyfriend is never enough.


And her followers love it…until they don’t.


Sure, Romy is being stalked by a sexy werewolf, but she’s got bigger issues to deal with. Like the fact that he might be a murderer. Or worse yet, that she got drunk and told all of her followers that werewolves actually exist. Then she fails to prove it.


Cue the trolling and the haters.


Now Romy’s out to prove she’s not crazy and win back her followers. But as she sets out to clear her name, she’ll discover there are bigger dangers awaiting her than internet infamy.

The Witch's Heart

The Witch's Heart

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but a witch’s heart is eternal.

I had a pretty good life once upon a time. An art student in Paris. Friends. Hobbies. French boys. I was living my dream.

That all ended the day my twin sister took her own life.

My mind began to slip, the darkness consuming me. And I knew I had to stop it.

But my plan didn’t work, and now I’m an unwilling “guest” of Le Reve, a hospital that promises it will cure me.It doesn’t take me long to realize that there is no cure for what’s wrong with me.

Because I’m not human. No one here is.

And the man who runs this place doesn’t want to heal us, he wants something much more sinister.

I would have lost my sanity entirely if not for the twin werewolf brothers imprisoned with me, and the dangerously beautiful vampire doctor who may or may not be evil. It’s hard to know who to trust when I can’t even trust what I see.

But if I don’t figure it out soon, I will lose everyone I love.

Including myself.

Midnight Mate

1600x2560 (Amazon)

One will be saved, the other will be sacrificed.

Ten years ago, Easton Raines left his pack and his home to start a better life. After a decade of running, he returns home to find his world much like he left it: broken and empty.

And now, he’s broken too.

Catherine Bequette is overworked and under-loved. Between running a new business and avoiding an ex who doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘it’s over,’ Cat doesn’t have time for distractions.

Then she sees him.

Cat’s loved Easton since high school, even before she knew about the creature inside him, and even after all these years apart, their spark is still lightning-fierce.

Easton’s determined to heal himself and hightail it out of there, no strings attached, even if that string was once the love of his life. But when Cat’s past catches up with them both, it’s more than their relationship at stake. It’s someone’s life.

A standalone paranormal romance.

The Spring Witch

The Spring Witch Book Cover 1

The town of Honeysuckle has always dwelled within the shadow of the kingdom of Zyndale, protected by the royal family and their Fae magic. When they were overthrown by the dark fae, Honeysuckle became oppressed by an evil king, as were its people. Now, they live in squalor, fighting over breadcrumbs and abused by the elite who were once sworn to protect them.

I have spent my life on the edge of that town, an outlaw who steals from the rich to give to the poor.

But that’s all about to change. The false king is throwing a ball to secure a wife for his son, the future ruler of our lands, and I’m going to crash it and pull off the biggest heist this kingdom has ever seen.

There’s just one complication. A mysterious stranger who is too sexy for his—or my—own good, and who is making it impossible to stay invisible. He’s given me a way into the ball, but he might be the reason I can’t get out.

By the time the clock strikes midnight, the kingdom of Zyndale will be forever changed, and so will my life. Again.

Mated by Midnight


Barbarian. Beast. Werewolf?

In the space of twenty-four hours, my picture-perfect life has shattered to pieces. A cheating fiancé, a public break-up, and getting fired from my job are the trifecta of humiliation.

I need a break—desperately.

I’ve come to Midnight Falls licking my wounds, determined to mend my broken heart. But fate has other plans.

I’ve been here all of five minutes when tall, dark, mysterious, and sexy comes stomping into my life–literally. Sutton Hargrave is the beginning of the end for me. An alpha with a predatory nature designed to push me away. But when the moon is full the pull between us is undeniable.

Bewitched by our connection, I don't realize I'm in too deep until it's too late to escape.

Black Moon Pack

To Hunt A Wolf_Ebk_v3
To Kiss A Wolf_Ebk
To Keep A Wolf_Ebk

He’s the pack’s #1 most wanted. My greatest enemy. My one true love.

And I get the dubious honor of tracking him down.

The target? Levi Wild, the rogue wolf cast out by the Black Moon Pack years ago. The untamed bad boy and rebel who stole my heart and then broke it into pieces–last spotted fleeing the scene of our slain alpha.

Hunting Levi is going to be messy for both of us. Because I know the moment my wolf sees him, she’ll want to claim him all over again.

But I refuse to let my heart make the same mistake twice. Not with my own survival hanging in the balance. Loving Levi was dangerous the first time, and now, exacting my vengeance might just prove fatal.

…but a chance at revenge against the mate who rejected me? Let the hunt begin.

Tragic Ink

Tragic Ink: A Havenwood Falls Novella

Beware the writing on the wall.

Tattoo artist Gwen Facharro works alone. Coworkers want to be friends, and friends ask too many questions. The last thing Gwen wants to do is answer them. Especially when her inked images tend to take on lives of their own—and not everyone uses the fae magic for good. If the Court finds out, she’ll be tossed in jail. Or worse, banished from town forever.

Although they grew up together, Seelie warrior Rhys Graywalk has been very careful to keep Gwen at a distance. Between the secrets he keeps for her and the ones he keeps from her, his plate is already full. Romance isn’t on the menu. It can’t be. He has his orders.


But when the people around her start turning up dead, Gwen’s fears become reality. Someone has discovered her secret, and they’re using it to kill.

To clear her name, Gwen is forced to work with the only friend she’s ever really known. She’s just not sure she can handle rejection a second time.

Accidental Alchemy

1v2 - Copy (1)
Book 2

 I accidentally freed the king of all dragons.

As an intern for the world's only supernatural library, it's my job to make sure nothing inside the books gets out.
Unfortunately, I suck at it.
Blame it on too much pumpkin spice, but one rainy afternoon, I somehow manage to conjure a literal book boyfriend.
Aries is fire. And I mean that in the very real sense of the word. Not just the ripped abs and a jaw that could cut steel, but the fire-breathing, flame-inducing, might-burn-this-freaking-building-to-the-ground kind of heat.
The attraction between us is undeniable. The danger? Even more tangible. Because the king of dragons isn’t the only creature I’ve unleashed.
In the hushed stacks of the library, something stalks.
No story is complete without a villain–and I’ve just met mine.
Unless Aries and I can reverse the damage, there will be no happily ever after. Not for us.

**Get your copy of this steamy romantasy featuring a grumpy dragon shifter, a clumsy librarian, and a secret library whose stories hold real and dangerous power.**

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