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My name is Heather Hildenbrand and I'm so excited to offer biz & life coaching for creatives!

Whether you're already a creative entrepreneur OR just getting started, this is absolutely the right place for you.

I’m Heather Hildenbrand, author of over 40 romance novels ranging from paranormal to urban fantasy to science fiction. My Dirty Blood series alone has over 1 million pages read through Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program, and in 2016, my Imitation series was purchased by Warner Bros and optioned for TV by Jerry Bruckheimer studios. My books have won numerous awards including Best Kiss and Best Villain and I was voted “Utopian of the Year” which is an award given to the author who most gives back to the book community. That one was such a highlight for me!

I’ve been a full time author for 10 years and have taught other authors to do the same through one on one coaching, courses, speaking, and private retreats.

Being a creative entrepreneur is literally the LIFE OF MY DREAMS and I'm so grateful I get to do this every day. BUT just like any skill, learning how to think like a CEO was a skill I had to learn.

The truth is, mastering a CEO mindset can be overwhelming. Not to mention juggling all of the business things most of us creative types would rather avoid like accounting and advertising. It’s easy to get bogged down in all the details. Or to get stuck on a wheel of DOING and DOING without actually producing results.

But more ACTION is not the answer.

The answer is ALIGNMENT.

Alignment within yourself AND within your life.

Becoming aligned is all about what you believe about who you are. WHY you behave a certain way or believe a certain thing is the REAL reason you haven't made a bajillion dollars or achieved your dreams. It's not about action or even circumstance (yes, I understand some have more privilege than others but even then). It's about who you are BEING and what you are BELIEVING about yourself. About who you are and what you can have.

By working together, I can’t promise you’ll make six figures—or any figures—but I can promise you’ll know what it takes to get where you want to go as a creative biz owner and how to spend your time wisely while doing it. Because here's the thing:


If it's not about ACTION then the HUSTLE doesn't matter.

Let me give you the tools and tips it took me years to uncover. Let me help you move closer toward your dreams and help you enjoy the journey along the way. Let me show you how to work happier, not harder.

I know how hard it can be to master the art of creative business ownership. There's so much to learn! And then there are all the resources of the digital age. How amazing is it that we can Google absolutely anything and just...figure it out! But with that amount of information at our fingertips comes overwhelm

I, for one, Googled the hell out of this writer CEO thing. Then again, I did that because it was my only option. Ten years ago, there were no courses or coaches for writers. At least none that I found.

Now, that's all changed.

Damn, I sound like a Boomer. "Back in my day...." Ha! But you know what I mean. Listen, if you want to Google all the things and take rabbit hole after rabbit hole until you've figured out how to crush creative entrepreneurship or how to publish a book and hit a list, be my guest. Head straight to your search bar and have at it. 

But if you're someone who recognizes that time is money AND you want to start living your dream life and dream career THAT MUCH SOONER, stick around. 

My coaching and courses are all about taking what I've learned and packaging it all up so I can hand it over to you. 


That's right, I'm here to outrank Google and bring you all the tips and tricks you need to succeed without the thousand-hours' of searching and scouring.

Here are the ways I do that:

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