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The Monster Ball Year 3

Hello boos & ghouls!

We're less than a week away from The Monster Ball and I'm feeling allll the sexy, mysterious, tall-dark-and-oops-I-dropped-this kind of vibes for my reading list right now. Are you ready for The Monster Ball?? Do you even know what that is? Do you realize all the giveaways and goodies that go along with this annual event??

Here's the quick-and-dirty:

  • The Monster Ball Anthology is a multi-author collection where all stories stand alone BUT they're all about characters attending the same party at the same time.

  • Because of that, there will be crossover. Oooh, fun! Yep, so, you'll be reading and be like, “hey, I just met this character in the last story and now look, they're freak-dancing with the character in THIS book.” Or whatever. I mean, not specifically freak dancing. That I know of. But that would be epic.

  • It's called "Year 3" because this is the 3rd year we've released this particular themed anthology. (genius, right?) But you don't have to read year 1 or 2 in order to enjoy this one. All stories stand on their own.

  • THE MONSTER BALL IS A BLIND RELEASE. This means on Oct 13 when the anthology lands on your kindle, you will have ONE WEEK to read and guess which author wrote which story. (Even wrong guesses can still win!) I'll email you next week when it releases so you know where to put your entries. And 1 winner gets A METRICK F*CKTON of signed paperbacks from all the Monster Ball authors.

  • Because of the blind release, I can't tell you which story is mine until OCTOBER 20. But I AM DYING ON THE INSIDE, trust me. I usually suck at keeping secrets but this is one situation where Fight Club rules must apply.


I'm so glad you asked!

  1. Pre-order this majestic collection so you don't have to remember to 1-click on October 13th at midnight!

  2. Join the Monster Ball Facebook group for a chance to meet and interact with all the authors during release week AND win some FAB prizes that won't be available anywhere else.

That's it!

I'll look for you at the ball!


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