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All Hallows Eve Book Binge

It's that time of year! And I don't mean spooky season or even pre-Christmas. I mean, it's getting cooler in my part of the world and for bookworms, this means more reading time under a cozy blanket with a warm beverage, woohoo!

And this weekend, it's also the perfect time to stock your TBR shelf!

For the next few days, some friends and I are running a sale so you can do just that! The books you see below are all either 0.99 OR completely FREE for a limited time so make sure to grab them all before the sale ends!

Wolf Cursed is included~ This is book 1 in my Lone Wolf series which is all about an entire pack of rogue bad boy shifters in need of mates. If you haven't read it yet, you can grab it totally FREE for Kindle right now!

And when you're done stocking up, be sure to share the link with a bookworm friend. Happy Spooky Season, paranormal lovers!

~ Heather



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