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O Face is on sale for just 0.99 – this week only!

I hope your weekend was full of good books and cuddles. Fun fact: I am not a big, mushy fan of Valentine’s Day which is why this book sale (and this blog post) are coming at you AFTER all that hoopla has died down. I’m not a Scrooge about it, but I just don’t see the big deal about it–because if you’ve got someone special, they should be treating you like a queen (or king) ALL YEAR. And if you don’t, you should be treating yourself like one, without the prodding of commercialism. (I hope I sounded like a crunchy hippie when I said that. Buying things don’t make you happy–unless they’re books… but I digress.)

I AM, however, a fan of using Valentine’s Day to remind you to read sexy books–because I have no shame and if The Man can con you into buying things like chocolate and flowers one day a year, I can certainly do it with romance novels.

So, let’s call this the “every day is Valentine’s Day” sale–and LOOK!

Several books in the Meet Cute Collection are just 0.99 this week!!  Including O Face by yours truly!

(ICYMI, this one’s a bit more outrageous than my other books so buckle up!)

O Face-SM

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I have a confession. I’ve never had an orgasm. Not for lack of trying. Hell, I even experimented once in college with a girlfriend, but nothing. Nada. Zilch. I’m pretty sure I’m broken. That is, until Liam Porter waltzes back into my life. 

Cassie Franklin is untouchable. And she wears it well. Heir to a fortune and heart of fucking stone. I’ve never—not once in the years I’ve known her—seen her smile.

Not that I’ve lost sleep over her while I’ve been rolling in the sheets with every other beautiful girl this town has to offer. Not to mention the women I had during my tour of duty. I’m not exactly pining. Still, Cassie’s always gotten under my skin—all that cool beauty set into a cold stare.

So when her best friend begs me to find out what Cassie’s hiding, I’m more than happy to comply. In fact, this is one covert takedown I’ll actually enjoy.

So why is it that the more I learn about the real Cassie Franklin, the more positive I am—there’s only one expression I want to see grace her features: her O Face.

And I never back down from a challenge.


O Face is part of the Meet Cute collection, which means there are other stories written by some other amazing authors with the same Meet Cute theme AND a few of them are also on sale. You can find them here. 

For a complete list of Meet Cute Collection books, visit 

Happy reading!



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