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Coming 10/31/18: The Monster Ball Anthology


What does all that mean?? It means I’ve signed on to coordinate and write an original story for the Monster Ball Anthology! There are 10 authors total and we’ll reveal a new author each week. So far, you’ve got ME and the lovely Stacey Marie Brown. Stay tuned next week for the next author.

This anthology is going to be like NO OTHER. To hear about the full concept and all the details, you can watch Amber and I discuss it during our FB Live video from the other day:

fb live.png

There will be more than one EXCLUSIVE promotions happening here–things I’ve never done with my own books and I am THRILLED about this!

I can’t wait to share more but in the meantime, if you want to offer up a suggestion or two about what kind of supernatural creature I should write about–make sure to comment that below.

And stay updated by joining our Facebook group here!

See you at the ball, monsters…



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