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Book 2 in Lone Wolf series:


In the small, secretive town of Ridley Falls, it turns out, is everything I’ve ever wanted. A family. A home. Friends. Even a boyfriend. Okay, mate. That’s still weird to say, but here we are.

Except that the moment it’s all within my grasp, someone comes along and rips it away.

This time, it’s not Silas and his thugs forcing me to fight for my place here. If anything, these people make Silas look like a girl scout. They’re dangerous and deadly—willing to hurt anyone else if it gets them what they want: me.

When Kai is dragged away from me, I can’t help but feel responsible for it all.

Not just his fate but the rest of the pack too.

Then there’s Drake.

He’ll do anything to stop the curse from breaking—even if it means pitting me against my mate in a battle for alpha. But I’m done letting other people decide my life. This is one lone wolf who’s had enough.

Wolf Captive Signed Paperback

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