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Book 2 of Accidental Alchemy Series:


I wanted to give my heart to the dragon king, but the library claimed me first.


Let's be honest. I suck at my naturally the supernatural library I work for just promoted me.


The fact that it comes on the heels of losing the one person who has been there my entire life merely adds insult to injury.


Aries is still here, though.


At my side.


In my bed.


Risking his life and the survival of his world to bring my broken family back together.


But the danger that lurks inside these walls is far from over.


In fact, our enemy might just be closer than we think.


And if they find out who Aries really is to me, I won't just lose my job, I'll lose my life.


Because I'll die before I let anything happen to my dragon king.

Two Blazing Hearts Signed Hardcover with Dust Jacket

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