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Book 3 in Black Moon Pack series:


The monster might have kissed me but he won’t keep me.

I sold my soul to save my mate. No, that’s not exactly true. I gave it away, handed it over like it was nothing. And Levi paid the price.

Now, Levi’s gone. And I’m forced to pick up the pieces of what I once felt for him. What I can’t seem to stop feeling for the mate I gave up.

Jadick is the exact monster we fought against when we rebelled. The only thing scarier than his thirst for power is his obsession with me. He won’t stop until he owns me. Even if it kills me first.

I once thought Levi was my enemy. But now I know the truth. Levi is the only person who ever truly loved me.

It’s time to find out once and for all if love makes me weak—or strong enough to save us all.

Grab the epic conclusion to this fated mates wolf shifter trilogy now!

To Keep A Wolf Signed Paperback

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