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Book 1 in Black Moon Pack series:


He’s the pack’s #1 most wanted criminal. 

Levi Wild, the deliciously handsome rogue wolf damned by the pack years ago—last spotted fleeing the scene of our slain alpha.

Now, I get the dubious honor of tracking him down.

Lucky me.

Hunting Levi is going to be messy for both of us. Because I know the moment my wolf sees him, she’ll want to claim him.

But I refuse to make that mistake. Not with my own survival hanging in the balance. Wanting Levi for anything except his crimes is a recipe for heartbreak.

Except it turns out he wants to be found—by me.

Let the hunt begin.

To Hunt A Wolf is the first book in a steamy, gritty wolf shifter romance series perfect for readers who love stories about enemies to lovers fated mates who have to fight the world—and each other—in order to find their happily ever after.

To Hunt A Wolf Signed Paperback

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