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Book 3 in Mated By Midnight Series: case laminate hardcover



I came to Midnight Falls to reclaim my life.

The plan was simple. Solve murders, then return to New York and show my cheating bastard ex what he lost.

If only it had been that easy.

Instead of solving murders, I committed them.

Instead of returning home, I'm trapped in murdery Midnight Falls right along with the pack.

And instead of showing my ex what he's missing, I ended up falling head-over-heels for a suspected murderer who has made it clear he’ll die before ever letting me go.

Sutton is the one person I’ll sacrifice everything to save–and the witch who cast this curse knows it too. In fact, she’s banking on it.

Her revenge has always been about making Sutton suffer. And now she will.

Because Sutton Hargrave’s greatest weakness is me.

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The third and final book in Heather Hildenbrand's Mated by Midnight series is going to push Serenity and Sutton to the brink. So, grab a drink, a blanket, and get ready. Because Midnight Falls will never be the same.

Midnight Bound Signed Hardcover

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