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Book 3 of 5: Immortal Vices and Virtues: Shadow Shifter Bonds


I’m at a bar trying to poison a mark like the professional I am when I see him.

Straight from Tartarus, they say the shadow dragon called Legion has slayed entire armies single-handedly, and the intense way he looks at me suggests every rumor I’ve heard about him is true.

I should be terrified. Instead, I’m drawn like a moth to a flame.

The moment he touches me, everything changes.

Suddenly, my skin is the poison. One touch is enough to kill a man, which is exactly what I do before I realize what Legion has done to me.

I vow to make him pay.

The pull I feel toward him is a beacon—or a leash—but he’s not the easy mark I expected.

To my utter horror, I go from hunter to captive.

If I want to earn my freedom, I’ll have to give him the one thing he demands: me.

Hunt Me is a spicy standalone romantasy set in the Immortal Vices and Virtues Universe. Every book is a guaranteed happily ever after with a satisfying ending and no cliffhangers. Perfect for fans of Immortals After Dark, Black Dagger Brotherhood, and the Demonica series.

Hunt Me Discreet Signed Hardcover

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