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They say everyone has a price…Unfortunately, I just found mine.

Living in a pay-per-week motel might as well be luxury for someone like me. But if I don’t come up with this month’s rent money, I’ll be back to living in my car.

My only option for getting the money in time is dancing at the club where I waitress.

Except it’s not just dancing. Not in the VIP room. And that’s the final boundary I refuse to cross.

Until a handsome stranger makes me an offer I can’t refuse.

He’s nothing like the other men who come here, and even though I try to resist it, there’s a pull between us I can’t deny.

There’s an aura of danger around him too—something inhuman. A ferocity that is more beast than man. The dark, predatory way he watches me should terrify me. Instead, it makes me feel like the only girl in the room.

When he’s waiting for me after my shift ends, making claims about wolves and packs and me being the chosen one…every instinct I have tells me to run.

Turns out, that’s precisely what I shouldn’t have done.

Because running gives him exactly what he wants: a chase.

Grab this steamy enemies-to-lovers fated mates wolf shifter romance now! Book 1 in the Mafia Pack series.

Dark Wolf Soul Signed Paperback

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