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There are thousands of self-published authors earning $$$$$ from their stories.

Why not you??

Stop wasting countless hours with internet searches and "how-to" forums about the ins and outs of self-publishing. Quit wondering how "she did it" and why you haven't been able to finish your draft. No more putting it off.


Self-publishing is a LOT. Like a whole lot. 

It's nearly impossible to learn everything and sometimes that can paralyze us with fear.

Fear that we'll do it wrong. 

Or we'll fail.

Or we won't reach our dream of becoming a full time fiction author.

Because who has time to spend writing when there's so much to research and learn constantly?

Learning "how to" be a published author is a full time job all by itself! And if want to actually write for a living, no one has time for all that. Not if you actually want a LIFE on top of it all.

That's where I come in.

I've been a full time published author for over TEN YEARS.

FOR A FULL DECADE, I have earned enough income to pay my bills--and then some! All from writing fiction books and self-publishing them myself.

And I get really excited to share how I do it with other people.

I do a lot of private coaching and I really love it,

but I can only help so many people in a day that way.

That's why I created Self-Publishing Academy.

A course that gives you all the same priceless content--resources, best practices, business strategies--and combines it with direct attention to exactly where you are and what you need.

It's the best combination of a private tutor and a Masters program for authors!

Could you learn all of this on your own with Google's help? 


But here's the thing about the "information age" we live in:

You can either spend time or money to learn this.

But you're going to spend SOMETHING.

The choice is yours.

If you want to take the time to research it all for yourself (a process that's taken me 10 years) go for it. 

But if you want to save yourself some time, 

the most precious resource we have,

let me help!

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I've published more than 40 fiction books & 2 non-fiction

I earn full time income from my writing

I've had a series optioned for television

I've taught and coached authors for 5+ years

I am STILL a writer first, so you're learning from someone who's still implementing these strategies daily!

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6 weeks of video modules that cover everything you need to know about self-publishing for success! The module topics include:

  • Finishing your draft

  • Hiring editors

  • Where to publish and HOW

                - Amazon exclusive vs. going "wide"

  • Your cover: hiring designers and what not to do

  • Publishing trends, writing to market while staying inspired

  • Marketing strategy

              - advertising (paid and free methods), building a fan versus a                          reader, reviews

  • Networking with other authors

  • Setting goals, mapping out a publishing plan unique to you.

  • Becoming the CEO of your own business

  • How to handle your income vs expenses so you actually make a profit!

Weekly homework/workbook for implementation. So you're only doing the tasks that will actually make a difference!

And when you're finished:

A LIVE Q&A call with ME so you can ask questions and get the information that's tailored to YOU. This call will be recorded and is yours to keep!


This is a 6 week course designed to give you EVERYTHING you need to get from draft -> published + beyond!


And best of all, the strategies we develop are repeatable so you don't have to start over or re-invent anything when you publish a new book.

Enrollment is now open!

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