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This special edition includes foil stamping on both sides of the reversible jacket, custom character art on the case laminate and printed inside, custom chapter headings, and author signature. Quantities are limited.


About the book:


I’ve been taught to believe monsters are after me. Instead, I’ve become the monster.

We should be celebrating. After that horrific battle for alpha, the curse should be broken. Ridley Falls should be safe. Instead, things are even worse than before.

Three packs have just merged into one and not everyone is happy about it. In fact, we’re one pack meeting away from rebellion. On top of rebuilding a broken wolf pack full of misfits and criminals, the fate of the hexerei’s magic is in my hands—literally.

I want to stay and fight for the life we all deserve but the number one threat to our safety isn’t Cohen and the hexerei. It’s me.

I’ve spent my whole life running. It’s what I know best. It’s how I survived all those years. But this kind of running won’t be to save myself. Or to keep from letting anyone get too close.

This time, if I run, it will be because staying could destroy everything and everyone I care about. If I stay, I’ll be the one to destroy them instead.

They chose me—to protect them. To lead. Now it’s time I chose them. Even if it means giving everything up to do it.

Wolf Chosen Special Edition Hardcover with Reversible Dust Jacket

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