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Witches of Half Moon Bay (Includes Books 1-3)


Once upon a time, I was the life of the party. An extrovert, convinced I’d take over the world someday. But then something inside me broke and it changed me forever. Since then, all I’ve managed to achieve is social anxiety and a part-time job selling crystals to soccer moms.

I need to know what happened to me—and to fix it once and for all.

My quest for answers is upended the night I’m attacked by creatures too big and impossible to believe. The monsters that come for me have paws and claws and apparently a taste for my blood.

But werewolves can’t be real…

I soon find out just how real they are—right down to their sharpened teeth aimed right for my throat. They would have gotten me if not for my mysterious rescuer.

Alex Channing, is rude, brutish, and the hottest guy I’ve ever seen.

Something about him calls to me and no matter how hard I try to resist, the pull between us keeps bringing me back again.

I just hope whatever’s calling me toward him isn’t the same unseen force that ruined me before. I don’t think I can survive it if Alex is the one to break me again.

The first THREE BOOKS in the tension-filled, roller-coastery ride of Heather Hildenbrand's bestselling urban fantasy romance series WITCHES OF HALF MOON BAY is perfect for anyone who enjoys enemies to lovers slow burn romance with a twisty-turny suspense-filled plot to back it up.

Witches of Half Moon Bay Omnibus Signed Paperback (Includes Books 1-3)

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