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Book 2 in Black Moon Pack series:


Betrayal is a wound that never heals.


I lost my fated mate, the man who sets my heart racing with only a glance, due to one stupid mistake. Now, injured, weak, and drowning in my own guilt, I’m scrambling for a plan to get him back. But I know I can't rescue Levi on my own.


Jadick Clemons is as hot as sin and has the power to help me, but he’s self-serving, cruel, and has a heart darker than any I’ve ever known. I know I need to stay away from him, but at my most desperate moment, he makes me an offer I can’t refuse.


To save Levi, I’ll do anything no matter how devastating the fallout will be. Even give myself over to the devil himself.

To Kiss A Wolf is book 2 in the Black Moon Pack series, perfect for fans of Elizabeth Briggs, Jaymin Eve, or anyone who love slow burn, snarky, sexy shifter romance.

To Kiss A Wolf Signed Paperback

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