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Book 1 in the Supernatural Security Force Series:


Drag racing champion Gem Hawkins is a true badass... until she’s redefined by a monumental loss. 

The night Gem's father is killed in the line of duty, her happy existence implodes. Gutted by grief, Gem is on the hunt for answers. Answers even her fae magic can’t detect. 

Despite countless promises from the agency her father worked for, the investigation remains unsolved, with the trail too cold to follow. Or so the Supernatural Security Force claims. 

To uncover the truth, Gem must follow in her father’s footsteps and infiltrate the very organization she believes is behind his death. But becoming an agent isn’t as easy as she thought. Between the demons she faces and professors with their own twisted agendas, Gem's not sure she'll make it out of the training academy with her sanity—or her life. 

**This is a full length adult urban fantasy novel. Please be advised there is adult sexual content and language. Fae are notoriously mouthy creatures.

Kiss of Death Signed Paperback

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