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Book 6 in the Witches of Half Moon Bay Series:


The last thing I need while trying to save the world is an Econ exam but here we are. If I don’t get my butt to class, there won’t be a future left for me once this is all over. If only my magical abilities extended to Calculus and my attendance record.

Alex’s problems are bigger than that. CHAS has issued a warrant for his arrest and suddenly the future looks so bleak and uncertain, I’m not sure how to promise him “forever” when—or if—this is all over.

With the equinox just days away, I can’t afford distraction. The voices in my own head are bad enough. The voices in my ear remind me it’s only everything I’ve ever loved at stake.

Time to see if hope is enough to save us all.

A Witch's Hope Signed Paperback

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