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Will you be my (Friendly) Valentine?

“Everything worthwhile is uphill.” -John Maxwell

Making friends is hard. Women today are lonely and confused and starting to wonder if maybe THEY are the problem. Connecting or “finding your tribe” is literally what we spend all day on social media doing. And we feel like we’re failing. Just me then? Okay. Well, for a long time I felt like I was failing at friendship and relationship–not the toxic kinds. I had plenty of those. I was drowning in them. But REAL friends who were honest and authentic and loved me no matter what?

Empty theater all the way to the very back row.

That’s why my friends and I created The Raw Honeys, first as a community and now as a podcast.

We know what it’s like to be lonely. Friendless. To go days and weeks without quality time outside your spouse or your babies. We know what it’s like to wish for great girlfriends. We know what kind of sadness waits in that solitude.

Making friends is hard work. Cultivating a deep relationship with another woman or women who will accept you no matter what is actually kind of terrifying. And there’s NO ONE out there telling us how to be better at it. Or where to look for these unicorn friends.

It’s a failure on the part of our society that we don’t talk more about how hard relationships are. Not just romantic ones but specifically friendships. How to start them, why we desperately need each other, and when it’s safe enough to get vulnerable with someone new. (Can this please be in the curriculum at school–right before how to balance a bank account??)

THAT’S what The Raw Honeys is for.

Raw, real, authentic–we are those girlfriends you drink wine with on Saturday night. We’re the ones who hold your secrets. We’re the ones who tell the truth even when it’s hard and we’re the ones you trust to do it because you know we still love you at the end of the day.

If that’s something missing in your life, I hope you’ll check out what we’re creating. Because it’s for you.

(and if this isn’t you, isn’t there always room for one more, right?!)

Check us out/listen to our latest episodes on our website: and then subscribe on your favorite listening platform.

(Ratings/reviews are the best thing you can do to help a budding podcast get found so please consider leaving a review OR subscribing somewhere!)

And then help share! We want all the women out there to know they have a space space JUST FOR THEM! Help spread the word about us and enter to win a custom coffee mug!



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