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Why couldn’t I get an easy “test case?”

I should set this story up by telling you I did an herbal certification course over the Fall. I recently finished the live classes and will soon have my certificate as an herbalist. I don’t know if I intend to ever really USE that certification beyond myself, my family, etc. but I love everything about alternative medicine so far.

Which is why, when I realized I had a UTI right after Thanksgiving, I got excited. Weird, I know, but this was my chance to “test” what I’d learned. And there’s no better guinea pig than ME.

For anyone else interested in my journey thus far (and isn’t grossed out by the fact that I just brought up a UTI), read on. I would love to inspire you to research the medical industry and come up with alternative/homeopathic ways to heal yourself next time you’re sick!

So here’s the deal as of this moment:

I am spending today just like I did yesterday… feeling YUCK.

For 2 weeks now, I’ve been battling a UTI that is apparently a lot more than a UTI. (When I first started my treatment, my symptoms flared then died off almost completely. A couple of days later, they started to creep back despite still “medicating” myself. Which means this ain’t no normal UTI, folks.)

And before you ask, no I haven’t been to the doctor for a diagnosis (when it hurts/burns to pee and your kidneys HURT like Hell, you just know.) or an antibiotic. (I’m against this for myself if i can help it but no judgment on anyone else.) Instead, I’ve “prescribed” myself an herbal tea that includes antiobiotic herbs specific to the urinary tract. Within the first couple of days, my symptoms subsided so I thought, “yess, I healed me!” But then a few days later, despite still drinking the tea consistently, some of my symptoms started to creep back. Nothing major but I knew the infection wasn’t gone. 

I also realize it’s probably a little more deep-seated than JUST a UTI.

sick meme

Cue phase 2.

Starting Friday, I upped my game by adding more antibiotic herbs to the formula (plantain and/or lemon balm) AND 1 drop of Doterra’s On Guard to each 1 cup of tea. I drink minimum 4 cups per day. I started with these new additions on Friday and yesterday I developed a fever and achy joints/bones like the flu. I am assuming this means the On Guard is really fighting the bad bacteria I’ve got.

Today is better because no fever. Still achy and no energy, but it’s a bit of an improvement from yesterday.

I am actually, believe it or not, pretty excited about all of this. Pesky infection aside, I am thrilled to have a “patient” to work on. I know that’s weird but there really is no better way to learn at this point. 

I’ll keep you posted how it turns out. And if you’re the “worrying” type, don’t. I already have a consult with my healer next week to see if what I’m doing is enough. If not, she’ll get me straight.

P.S. Have any of you ever tried homeopathic remedies before? Did they work?



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