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When Liam Met Cassie

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Boy meets girl. It’s the way romances usually begin . . . and while we all love a happy ending, it’s the #MeetCute that wins our hearts.

How did you two meet?

The #MeetCute Books each have a unique answer to that query. Some might make you swoon, others might make you giggle . . . and some may make you blush.

Twelve authors. Twelve stand-alone contemporary romance novels. Twelve stories that will make your heart beat a little faster.

Because it’s all about the #MeetCute.

For each #MeetCute Book, we’ll share a couples interview in the style of the “When Harry Met Sally” clips. (Watch the original couples’ interviews on YouTube here!)


In O Face, Liam and Cassie are not each other’s “type” but fate had other plans…

Liam:  The first time we met was after my tour of duty—

Cassie: Welllll, it wasn’t the first time we met.

Liam: We went to the same high school, but we weren’t exactly friends back then.

Cassie: I guess you could say we were frenemies. Is that still a thing people say?

Liam: Uh, I don’t say that.

Cassie: The point is, we didn’t like each other. *smiles* But I did know him.

Liam: Know is a strong word.

Cassie: *defensively* I knew who you were.

Liam: We never had a real conversation though. I’m not sure that counts.

Cassie: Whatever. The point is that I knew your face and I … definitely noticed you back then.

Liam: Oh yeah. I noticed her too.

Cassie: But when I saw you that day in the office, I definitely didn’t recognize you at first.

Liam: *laughing* Oh, I know. That meeting was not what I expected.

Cassie: *glares* We are not talking about that.

Liam: But it’s part of the story. An important part—

Cassie: Anyway, I thought he was hot—

Liam: Damn right you did.

Cassie: But definitely not the guy I remembered from high school. Liam was different by then. I think it was his eyes.

Liam: What’s wrong with my eyes??

Cassie: nothing! They just held … more.

Liam: *frowns* More what?

Cassie: More wisdom? *shrugs* Danger? I don’t know. You had an edge about you. You felt … dangerous.

Liam: *winks* Like sexy-dangerous?

Cassie *blushes* Well, yeah…

Liam: I knew it. I melted the ice princess!

Cassie: *rolls her eyes* And I turned the gigolo into a one-woman kind of guy…

Liam: I thought we weren’t talking about that.

Cassie: We’re not.

Liam: Uh-huh…

Cassie: *crosses legs primly* If they want to know, they’ll have to read it for themselves.

Liam: *with a gleam in his eye* I’m sure they will. And then we can all have a good laugh. And we’ll all know what your O face looks like…

Cassie: *eyes widen* Oh my God, I didn’t think about that.

Liam: *laughs and winks* I can’t stop thinking about it.


O Face is available now at your favorite e-book store!

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O Face-SM

I have a confession.

I’ve never had an orgasm.

Not for lack of trying. Hell, I even experimented once in college with a girlfriend, but nothing. Nada. Zilch.

I’m pretty sure I’m broken.

That is, until Liam Porter waltzes back into my life.

Cassie Franklin is untouchable. And she wears it well.

Heir to a fortune and heart of fucking stone—I’ve never, not once in the years I’ve known her—seen her smile.

Not that I’ve lost sleep over her while I’ve been rolling in the sheets with every other beautiful girl this town has to offer. Not to mention the women I had during my tour of duty. I’m not exactly pining. Still, Cassie’s always gotten under my skin—all that cool beauty set into a cold stare.

So when her best friend begs me to find out what Cassie’s hiding, I’m more than happy to comply. In fact, this is one covert takedown I’ll actually enjoy.

So why is it that the more I learn about the real Cassie Franklin, the more positive I am—there’s only one expression I want to see grace her features: Her O Face.

And I never back down from a challenge


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Heather Hildenbrand was born and raised in a small town in northern Virginia where she was homeschooled through high school. (She’s only slightly socially awkward as a result.) She writes paranormal and contemporary romance with plenty of abs and angst. Her most frequent hobbies are riding motorcycles and avoiding killer slugs.

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