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what to binge (my Top 10 favorite TV shows)

With everyone spending so much time at home for the next few weeks, I know life feels weird and wacky and a little bit scary--or annoying, depending on how many kiddos you have at home full time all of a sudden. Sending virtual wine!

While we're all trying not to go stir-crazy, I thought I'd share some of my favorite binge-worthy TV shows. Weirdly enough, I'm not that big of a TV watcher and I rarely watch movies. Because I don't watch a lot, I'm picky about what I do choose. But with everything going on, it's been easier to get into a show than a book. My concentration sucks.

My tastes tend to run to either paranormal creatures or spy/assassin/political. I know, it's a weird buffet of interests. You've been warned. This list is going to include both. Also, I don't have cable so these are all from Netflix or Prime.

1. Outlander

I have been hearing about this one forever (my MIL deserves all the credit) and finally sat down in January and Fell. In. Love. I haven't obsessed this much over characters since Twilight. It's not paranormal exactly, though it does involve time travel. I'm currently re-watching it with my husband and that speaks volumes (about the show, not my husband) because I never re-watch stuff.

2. Designated Survivor

This is a political drama that I absolutely loved. Here's the only thing you need to know: Kiefer Sutherland is president. Oh, if only...

3. Nikita

Badass female. Action. Sexy romance. Great characters. I loved the first few seasons. Near the end, the storyline felt a little repetitive and stale, but it was still a great show overall.

4. Lost Girl

I'm also currently re-watching this one! I watched it probably 5 years ago and since it has a similar vibe to my Supernatural Security Force series, I'm re-watching it for inspiration. This time, with my daughter who is already hooked. Also, Kenzi is my favorite side character/BFF ever written. Her dialogue is fantastic and in later seasons, when the plot begins to have a few holes, the dialogue and characters kept me watching anyway.

5. Bitten

Based on a book series (that I still haven't read), this one was moody and mysterious and sexy with lots of alpha werewolf males and sexual tension. I really loved it.

6. The Vampire Diaries

I started watching this one foreverrr ago when it first aired. Then stopped when I quit TV. (Yes, I stopped watching TV for 1-2 years and decided to have more of a life instead.) I recently went back and finished it (apparently, I have less of a life now) and got hooked all over again. It's the epitome of paranormal romance for me. Even when I groaned at the storyline, I was still swooning over Damon.

7. The Originals

Just like with TVD, I started it back in the day and abandoned it. After finishing both TVD and this one, I think Originals ended up being my favorite. For me, Hayley stole the show. By the end, I was more sad about saying goodbye to her than I was to Klaus. Not by much but still...

8. Legacies

This is the spin-off of TVD and Originals. Honestly, I almost quit it after episode 1. It's cheesy and some of the acting felt forced with not enough storyline to keep me interested. But I pushed on for "research purposes" and around episode 3, the storyline picked up and got good so I finished the season. The acting is still cheesy but I'm interested enough to watch season 2 when it gets to Netflix.

9. Longmire

Okay, maybe my tastes include more genres of shows than I thought. This was one of our favorites. My husband now buys ever flannel shirt he can find in hopes he'll grow up to be Longmire someday. I'm not mad about it either. This guy is ruggedly badass and I can't believe I'm saying it because at first glance, not exactly my type, but he's love interest material for sure by the end. If you like crime/cop shows or dry, sarcastic humor or westerns or just looking for something different, highly recommend.

10. Madame Secretary

Tea Leoni for President! Holy shit, this show was our entire family's favorite. We're all either in love with Henry or want to be him. If you've ever enjoyed a political drama at all, this show is for you. Or maybe even if you haven't. It's fantastic.

Wild card:

Royal Pains

This one is family-friendly about a doctor who gets fired and starts his own concierge practice in the Hamptons. It's funny and light and entertaining--and something I can watch with my 14 year-old son. It's not the same category or genre as what I usually watch but if you need something lighter and more contemporary, go for this one.

Honorable mentions:

Altered Carbon

This one didn't make the actual list because while season 1 was amazing, season 2 is sooo disappointing! But now that you've been warned, and once you've exhausted everything on the above list, go watch it. It's original and a great storyline. But the real fan favorite is Poe.

Mr. Robot

SO SO GOOD! Couldn't stop watching! It's trippy and weird and I loved it all. Like Fight Club with computer nerds. Fantastic. I heard it's getting canceled though so you've been warned. And that's why I'm putting it here. I have no idea if they'll wrap things up nicely or leave us hanging.


Okay, that's my top 10 with some bonuses thrown in. I know there are more awesome shows I forgot to mention. Let me know what you're watching or what I missed and happy quarantine!

P.S. If you take a break from TV and want a great book to fall into, the Urban Fantasy with a Lost Girl vibe that I mentioned earlier is available for Kindle here. Book 2 is coming in April!



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