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Penned Con 2018 Recap (here’s some of the weird awesome shenanigans that happened)

HOLY BOOK BOYFRIENDS! (flails around then passes out…)

Penned Con was super fun! I am still recovering and probably sound like a smoker considering how hoarse my voice is but it was ALL WORTH IT! If you weren’t there, you suck! Just kidding. But seriously, get there next year people! I met so many new and fun faces and reconnected with others I haven’t seen in forever. It was–hands down–one of the most fun cons I’ve ever done. And not just because I am a semi-pro lip sync rapper now (although that DID happen).

Here are some shenanigans that went down at Penned:

  1.  I fell off the stage at the end of my first panel — and landed on my feet without spilling my coffee!! WIN!

  2. I mentioned the words “Death Sex” way too many times in the Urban Fantasy panel and now I feel weird about being #TeamEdward

  3. I taught Melissa Haag how to pronounce the word “Fellatio”

  4. Raye Wager, Kelly St. Clare, Jaymin Eve, Michelle Madow, Heather Renee, and Lela Grace and I made our zombie apocalypse escape plan. It involves a yacht and lots and lots of snacks. If you can swim far enough, we might let you join us.

  5. Amber and I won the lip sync battle with Shoop by Salt’n’Pepa. Everyone up in that place wanted to Shoop when we were done!


And last but not least, my friend Randi Cooley Wilson was everywhere! Oh, what’s that? You thought she had to stay home? NOPE. She was all over that place.


To sum up, yes, I’ve already bought my ticket for next year. Yes, you should go too. No, I don’t plan to behave any better than I did this year. See you there!


P.S. Imbalance (Heart Lines #4) is now available in audio, people! Grab it now or start at book 1 and catch up!

Heart Lines_Imbalance_Audible.jpg


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