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New release & Giveaway: To HUnt A Wolf

To Hunt A Wolf is finally here!

This book is really special because I worked extra hard to combine all my favorite story-telling elements, tropes, and character archetypes. Mac is a bounty hunter (strike one against her because this pack hates what they see as “police”), a loner who takes no shit, and a Romantic.

What's a Romantic?

In the Black Moon pack you're either a Romantic or a Reject. Rejects can claim strength and power because their alpha believes that by rejecting your one true mate--and surviving the process--you're stronger now. This pack wears their rejection like a badge of honor. Mac was rejected too… but not by her choice. So she wears her labels like Scarlet Letters.

To Hunt A Wolf is dark, gritty, and sexy. I can't wait for you to meet Mac and Levi and the whole gang!

To celebrate, I'm giving away a prize pack fit for a true "Romantic!"

And make sure to go 1-click your copy now! It's free in Kindle Unlimited!

As an outsider in my own pack, I’m used to rejection.

My first love. My so-called friends. Hell, even my own father abandoned me. But when my alpha is murdered and I’m exiled from pack lands, I have no choice but to track down the wolf responsible and clear my name.

I know exactly who I’m hunting. Levi Wild. My greatest enemy—and my one true mate.

Damned by the pack years ago, Levi is as untamed as they come. The pack rebel. The bad boy. The mouthwateringly hot shifter who made us all howl. And now he’s a cold-blooded murderer.

Hunting Levi will end with one of us dead. That is, unless someone has a change of heart. Unfortunately for both of us, love never saved anyone.



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