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new release: Dead to Rights

Dead to Rights (Supernatural Security Force #4) is out now. For #TeaserTuesday how about a Dead to Rights excerpt? Leave a comment or emoji if you've already read this scene!


The room spun. I tried to recall what Adrik had just said. But the way he was looking at me—all death-sex and intense—made it hard to think. “What?” I finally managed to croak out. Rather than answer, he stalked up to me. I held my breath, completely willing to faint on command if it meant I ended up back on that mattress across the hall. I was so far past any dignity. A girl reached a certain point and after that, all that mattered was the happy ending. But instead of grabbing my ass or my mouth, he grabbed my arm and held it up, frowning at the wound the pincer had left earlier. “You’re bleeding,” he said again, and I realized that was the thing I’d yet to respond to. It was also the reason he was touching me. Not for orgasms. For lectures. Before I could respond, he lifted the wound higher and sniffed it. “I smell demon poison.” His expression became an accusation. And for some reason, I felt the need to defend. “Well, I didn’t kill them if that’s what you’re wondering.” For some reason, that didn’t seem to help. “You were attacked.” It wasn’t a question but I found myself nodding. Dear Lord, coherence would be nice right about now. “Come with me,” he said and led the way out of Wolfrick’s room. I didn’t even glance backward as I obeyed. When he led us into his bedroom across the hall, I purposely stared at the desk to keep from looking at the bed in the corner. Mistake. The desk looked like way more fun anyway. If I were naked and he were— “Come here.” My feet moved without a single command from my brain. Fine. Whatever. My feet belonged to Adrik now. I didn’t care. I was more concerned with other parts that wanted to belong to him.



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