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Join me for National suicide prevention week!

Hey book babes,

I've joined forces with Eva Pohler and a few other author buds to talk to you about Suicide Prevention & Mental Health Awareness. If you've ever struggled with depression or anxiety or any other mental health disorders, you know it isn't something you can just flip a switch and make it go away. It takes real work and ongoing attention to maintain mental health but coping skills aren't inherent. They're learned through therapy and support that all starts with campaigns for awareness just like this one. I hope you'll join us by being open to the discussion of mental health, removing the stigma, and offering support for those who need it.

Check out this video message from me and then scroll down for all the ways you can help!

Ways you can help:

1. You can share this video to spread the word

3. Join our Facebook event on Sept 10th for a chance to win prizes and hang with some amazing authors!

If you've considered suicide or are considering it now, please check out these resources for help. You're important. You being here matters.

National Suicide Prevention Month is an annual week-long campaign in the United States to inform and engage health professionals and the general public about suicide prevention and warning signs of suicide. (via Wikipedia)



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