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I launched a patreon!


I'm really excited about this but also nervous. Excited because I've been kind of toying with this idea for literally over a year. And nervous because, well, I want to make it super-duper awesome for those of you interested.

First off, if you're not interested, totally cool! You reading & supporting my books is the most important thing!

But if you finish reading and then just want... MORE, Patreon might be a fun place for you! It's also a safer place for me to share sexy excerpts and NSFW-style artwork which I've been wanting to do for a while now.

There is also a FREE follow option so you can still get updates, teasers, excerpts and things I share for everyone.

Subscribers will get things like:

  • EARLY copies of the book before it releases on Amazon (no, you don't have to buy it twice. This is not a money grab or anything like that. You can just subscribe to Patreon and get the book that way. Boom. It's either/or, folks.)

  • Signed paperbacks of my books as they release

  • Early access to chapters and scenes as I write them.

  • A new swag item mailed to you EVERY MONTH!

  • polls where you can vote on characters, names, etc

  • A sneak peek into my writing process

These are just a few of the different benefits you'll get. I'll be adding more as we go but mostly would love to hear your feedback first.

What kinds of things are you most excited about getting from something like this? Physical merch? Bonus scenes? early release of my books? Do you already follow other authors there? If so, who?? I want to stalk them LOL. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

You can see it all right HERE.



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