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Emergence (Heart Lines #6) now available! And enter to win…

Whattup book nerds?! I am so excited (and relieved) to have Emergence out into the world. This one got me. I learned something about myself: “Last books” freak me out. I doubled my beta readers this time just to be sure I didn’t miss any of the little threads that needed wrapping up. And I was searching and smoothing up until YESTERDAY just before uploading this baby to Amazon, so yeah. Now I know for next time: prepare for a roller coaster ride when it comes to writing that last book.

Reader: Wait. Did you say LAST BOOK?!

Calm your tits, bro! Emergence is the last book in THIS storyline. There will be either a book 7 OR a new series/spinoff that will feature either Breck or Brittany or both. I honestly don’t know yet and I’m open to suggestions or opinions on that so feel free to tell me what you want to read next!

In the meantime, I have a teaser for you. Hold on to your panties: this one’s a little naughty 😉

Enjoy a bit of heat from Alex’s POV — and then grab your copy of Emergence here.

“Sam, I already told you,” I said. “I want to be with you. Preferably without the threat of death hanging over our heads.” “Yes, that would be a nice change of pace.” Her voice was tight and my gut churned. “I already told you I’m not going back to CHAS. You’re not going back to school … But why do I get the feeling it’s not that simple?” “Well, there are considerations.” “Considerations,” I repeated, not liking the sound of that at all. But I had a feeling I knew what she’d list if I pressed her. Namely my arrest warrant. Among others. But it’s not like I could solve them all right here in this laundry room. I sighed. “And if those considerations were removed?” Her expression lit up, the lines disappearing and the hope shining like tiny stars in the center of her eyes. “Then I would very much like to go on a vacation with you,” she said quietly. I tipped her chin up and pressed my lips to hers in a quick but lingering kiss. “We’re going to be fine,” I whispered. She nodded, brushing her lips over mine in an invitation for more. The bag fell from my hands. It hit the floor with a thud. Sam’s arms wound around my neck, and I pressed my lips to hers, driving us both backward until she bumped the wall behind her. My breath came faster and my knees went weak. Sam drew away, frowning. “Are you okay?” she asked, her hand pressed against my cheek now. “Last time you were this hot, you were dying from a werewolf bite.” “Baby, I’m always this hot,” I said, leaning in for another kiss, but she jerked away, clearly not amused. “I’m serious. How much blood did they take?” “Only about seven gallons,” I said. At her glare, I sighed. “Enough to make me a little lightheaded, but I’ll be fine,” I assured her. “Did you eat something?” My mouth twitched, and I couldn’t help the words before they slipped out, my fingers fumbling with the snap on her jeans. “Not yet. You keep interrupting me.” “Alex,” she hissed but she was smiling now.

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