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Dirty Blood 10 year anniversary

Dirty Blood turns 10 years old in April. TEN!

A freaking decade!

Tara and Wes are now a classic couple! And that marks ten years of me being an author so you know I decided to go big to celebrate this milestone!

To make this HUGE, I've released a special edition HARDCOVER of Dirty Blood with a brand new cover AND new bonus content that includes chapters from Wes' POV at key parts in the story.

This bonus content is only available in the hardcover edition, available now from Amazon.

AND I'm doing a limited number of special edition book boxes!

This anniversary Book Box includes:

- Special Edition Hardcover of Dirty Blood (this version has a brand new cover AND bonus scenes from Wes' POV throughout!)

- Custom handmade Dirty Blood fabric book sleeve

- Exclusive custom character card: Wesley St. John

- Custom bookmark with new cover art and character art

- Customized "Witches, Werewolves, & WTF" pen

The price is $49 (USD)

This includes domestic shipping. (International shipping will be charged country-specific)

Go order your box before they're gone:

Drop a comment to let me know what you think of the cover!



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