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Defiance teaser + Audio sample

Defiance is coming, I swear. I gave myself more time for this one just to have a break. I mean, come on. A book every month for four months… I needed like 5 minutes to shave my legs and eat a Klondike bar. So I gave myself 45 days for this one and I am damn glad I did. This one has officially kicked my ass, people! I re-plotted it only about 3 times before I found my footing and the story found its rhythm. And now, I’m putting the finishing touches on it so it can finally go out to the beta readers and editor. I know 45 days is still a relatively short time but it FEELS LIKE FOREVER. This story is definitely one I’ll remember.

I also realized that, thanks to being preoccupied with wrestling this story into submission, I forgot to show off this KICKASS cover! Ready?!

Heart Lines - Book 5 - Defiance EBOOK

What do you think!? Some of you have already said it’s your favorite one so far, but let’s be real, you say that every time. Although, it’s true every time… These covers ARE all delicious!

Don’t forget, Defiance is coming JULY 13 but you can pre-order it now:

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Before you go, I have 2 goodies. First, a teaser from Defiance.

Warning: If you haven’t read Imbalance yet, DO NOT READ THIS! #Spoilers! (If you don’t want the spoiler, keep scrolling for goodie #2)


Chapter Fifteen


It was the most strangely normal thing we’d done so far to march up the front steps and ring the doorbell of the house Harold claimed held my friends. Alex stood shoulder to shoulder with me, and I shot him a smile for not trying to wedge me behind him or something equally overprotective. We both knew we were taking a huge risk coming here. Not to mention just waltzing up to the front door. This was a CHAS safe house and I knew I should feel anything but safe. Even so, whole thing felt so casual—until the moment Breck answered the door.

His hair was longer—or maybe I just noticed it more. But his eyes were the same glacier blue—and sharp as hell—that I remembered. He took one look at me and the fierce expression he wore fell away into something much more gentle. My heart filled at the sight of him.

“Hey, bro,” I said, grinning.

He held an arm out to me and dragged me over the threshold into a tight hug. “I was so worried,” he said and the clipped, short words spoke volumes.

“Me too,” I whispered.

When I stepped back, Breck held out a hand to Alex and they clasped at the wrists in that weird handshake I was pretty sure only guys understood between each other. Alex winced and Breck’s sharp gaze roamed until it stopped at Alex’s wounded shoulder. The bandage just barely stuck out from underneath his collar. Breck’s eyes narrowed on it and then more closely on Alex’s face.

“You look like shit,” Breck said.

Alex grinned. “I make up for it with my clothes off.”

Breck snorted. “God, I missed the humor. These guys are way too damned serious,” he said.

“Well then it’s a good thing I’m here. I’m never serious,” Alex said, and I rolled my eyes. He wasn’t lying about that.


Alex and Breck are the perfect smart-ass combination! Don’t forget to pre-order Defiance now OR jump in wherever you are in the series now!

In fact, GET READY because Remembrance is coming to audio and this narrator KILLS it! She nails Alex’s character and I can’t wait to share it with you. The Prologue is available as a sneak peek. Listen and tell me what you think in the comments below!



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