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Cover Reveal: Goddess Forging

It’s Cover Reveal Day! My favorite day besides National Wine Day (which is basically every day in my house)!

Goddess Forging is the third and final book in the Gods + Guardians series. That’s right! July 2 this series will be complete! (I’m talking to you, binge readers.)

This one has taken me a bit longer than the first two. Partly because there’s so much happening in this one. The pace is a lot faster than book 2. But also because LIFE. UGHGHH. I have had to wear real pants a lot lately and I think I’m allergic. I got a strange rash last month that made a second appearance in the last few days so that’s been fun and exciting.

But enough about that, look at this!


What do you think??

Don’t wait until Jul 2! Pre-order now!

And if you haven’t started the series yet, you can grab book 1 now, Free on Kindle Unlimited!

Goddess-Ascending (1).jpg

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