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Breck's story is here!

If you've read the Witches of Half Moon Bay Series, you've met Breck Winters.

Remember Breck, Sam's brother?? Badass hunter. Strong, silent type? He's hiding a few things and you'll find out what they are in Twisted Tides!

*This story is listed as book 7 in the Witches of Half Moon Bay series BUT it can be read as a standalone too!


Breck Winters has a secret.

Her name is Aqua and she’s part of a dark past Breck has tried very hard to leave behind.

But some parts of ourselves aren’t meant to be buried.

No matter how hard he tries, Breck can’t shake a longing to find his roots.

Now, he’s promised to seduce the princess in exchange for passage home. Not exactly the most dangerous mission he’s ever accepted. But what happens when his target turns out to be the one who got away?



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