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Moxie Rose is the combined pen name of sisters from different misters & award winning authors, Bam Shepherd and Heather Hildenbrand.

Together, they write sexy romcoms about characters they’d want to be friends with in real life and swoony book boyfriends who always put their women first.

Books by Moxie Rose

Corporate Crush

Friend-zoned by Knox Jacobs is my worst nightmare.

Or so I thought.
Until I’m also trapped alone with the guy who just rejected me.

Awkward and humiliated, I do the only thing I can:
Pretend it never happened.

Unfortunately, there’s no going back and Knox refuses to let me forget.

Now, he’s the one shooting his shot–with no strings attached.

But I’m not sure my heart can handle being Knox-blocked a second time.

Grab this spicy romcom about the town’s hottest bachelor, the awkward AF woman who tries to seduce him, and what happens when a secret crush isn’t a secret anymore!

Fake marriage to my billionaire boss? What the h*ll was I thinking?

Jensen Calloway is the most eligible bachelor in town.

And after years of proving myself to him on a professional level, I’ve become quite valuable.

Only, it’s not a promotion he’s offering me.

It’s marriage. To him.

But only on paper.

The problem is, Jensen is not just my boss.

He’s the man I’ve been secretly in love with for years.

Which makes my signing off on this idea either incredibly stupid, or the bravest thing I’ve ever done.

Given my track record? I’m betting it’s the former.

Grab this steamy standalone about a billionaire boss, the hilarious assistant crushing on him, and what happens when faking it begins to feel an awful lot like the real thing!

copyright 2021 Moxie Rose

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