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Manifest your HEA

Are you feeling stuck right now?

Not just writers’ block, but really, truly stuck in LIFE?

And no matter how hard you’ve tried, or how positively you think, nothing changes?

Maybe you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction before and tried it, but “thinking positively” didn’t work for you.


You want to:

-change & transform your life & your author career

-earn more money, a LOT more

-see your books on bestseller lists

-love the writing again

-release the stress and anxiety you carry like a weight on your shoulders

-get healthier

-stop re-living the past

-get out of debt

-stop letting fear hold you back

As authors, we put a hell of a lot of energy into creating stories for our readers.

But what about YOUR story?

Don’t you want to manifest your own happily ever after too?

I’ve studied manifestation for over ten years and I get it. Not everyone can just snap their fingers and change the way they think. I certainly couldn’t. Once, that used to frustrate me, but now I know:


Manifesting your dreams takes more than that.

It takes healing—especially if you have deep wounds.

It takes embodying—becoming a new version of YOU.

It takes allowing—which means getting out of your own damn way and letting the Universe bring you exactly what you want most.


The HEA Method is a 3-step process to get you unstuck so you can finally manifest your dream life.


Using these 3 steps, I didn’t have to choose between work or love; happiness or money; pain or success. And you don't either.


You get to have it ALL.

The work.

The romance.

The health.


The happiness.

AND the success.


But only when you finally decide your OWN STORY is more important.

Your future matters more than your past.

Think of your life as a book and you’re the author—that means it’s your job to write the adventure, the journey, AND the happy end.

Doing the work of healing and releasing your wounds might sound scary, but the fact is no one is coming to save you.

In your story, the princess saves herself.

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